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Cow Dung Cake (Upla)-11 pc

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Item Name:  11 Pcs. Pure Cow Dung Cake.

Material: Made from Pure Cow Dung with Traditional way.

About Product:  You can use this in any Auspicious Event (Hawan, Yajnas, Fire Sacrifice, as its create Pure and Holy atmosphere, Clean the air, Abolish the Negative Energy, Clean the environment.

Cow dung, manure, or feces is indigestible plant material released onto the ground from the intestine of a cow. Cow Dung (Upla) is very useful in various ceremonial activities like Hawan (Havana, homam or sacrifice) as it also creates Pure and Holy atmosphere when burnt. The smoke that created via Gobar Kanda (Cow Dung Cake) it clears the air from germs.Traditional wisdom in cooking says that in burning these cow dung cakes, the temperature never rises beyond a certain point, ensuring the nutrients in the food are not destroyed by overheating.

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